Samsung Galaxy S7 – Price, Features, Rumors, Specifications

Samsung is not known to make massive changes in its device each year.  Just like what Apple does with its iPhone, Samsung too does not alter much in each year’s flagship. So, the Samsung Galaxy S7 looks much same as the Galaxy S6. After years of coming up with the trademark plasticky models, Samsung finally woke up to the competition and introduced the all new design with Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy S7 takes on the same style forward. Let us find more about this new flagship in the following paragraphs.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Features and Full Specifications in detail

Design and Build

The design language of the Samsung Galaxy S7 remains same as that on the Galaxy S6. There are no dramatic changes from the days of S6. The metal and glass unibody design of last year’s flagship continues to exist. The physical dimensions of the Galaxy S7 read  142.4 x 69.6 x 7.9 mm and tilt the scale at 152 grams.

The metal around has a matte finish to it. It gives a premium feeling to the device in addition to the comfortable handling experience. The power and volume buttons are positioned on either side of the device. The Galaxy S7 has an IP 68 water resistance protection. The feature makes a comeback after being missed from the S6.

The rear side is a fingerprint magnet. If you are someone who hates those prints, we advise you to opt for the White or Gold color variant. The fingerprint scanner is embedded within the Home button which gets flanked on either side by the capacitive navigation buttons.

The Display

Samsung has retained the 5.1-inch screen size from the days of Samsung Galaxy S6. As has been the constant feature with Galaxy series, you get an AMOLED display. No need to explain the benefits, right? The display has a qHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, thereby giving you a pixel density of 577 PPI.  The screen has a Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

The Super AMOLED technology on the Galaxy S7 is arguably the best that is available on the market. The screen offers you the best possible brightness, best contrast levels, and the accurate performance in ambient light. There is anPersonalised Automatic Brightness Control is a feature that will let your phone decide on the best combination of the brightness.

By any standard, Galaxy S7 has the best display that we have ever seen on a smartphone.

Hardware and Performance

Samsung has released two variants of Galaxy S7regarding the processor used. One of the models uses Samsung’s in-house Exynos 8890 Octa core processor. There is a Mali T880 GPU and 4 GB of RAM.

 Another variant of the Galaxy S7 employs Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. Other specifications remain similar to the one with the Exynos chipset. The processor is powerful enough. Playing resource intense games, moving around Android and switching between the apps is quite a smoother. The phone may suffer a little stutter if you push it to the brink, but the regular usage should have no problem whatsoever. Heaviest of multitasking appears to heat up the back a little, though. Maybe the metal casing is one of the reasons.

Storage options too are quite a handful. The base model has a 32 GB capacity, while the high-end model offers you a 64 GB capacity. There is no 128 GB option available. This option could be an issue for some power users. The phone does support expandable storage up to 256 GB, but Samsung has not implemented the Adoptive storage feature introduced by Android Marshmallow. So with the adoptive storage option lacking, we miss the 128 GB variant.


Samsung has always excelled in the camera department. In recent years, it has even come close to dethroning iPhone in camera performance.

The 16 MP camera found on Galaxy S6 has now come down to 12 MP, but that should not give any worries. We are now very much aware that higher megapixel does not necessarily mean better quality. Samsung has tweaked a lot of other features that would improve the quality. Larger aperture adjusted pixel, and sensor sizes result in better images.

Samsung has always added an extra tint of brightness into its final images. The punchy colors and contrasts produce vibrant images. The camera has a dual pixel phase detection autofocus that brings everything into focus at the speed of light. Then there is Optical Image Stabilisation that would do away any possibility of blurry images.

The camera app is quite intuitive and easy to use. In fact, Samsung has simplified the camera setup and made it fun to use.

The software

As usual, the Samsung Galaxy S7 provides you a TouchWiz interlaced Android Operating system. However, the TouchWiz interface has now shed much of its unnecessary weight and become quite leaner. In fact, Google has been instrumental in bringing up this change as it wants a simplified and streamlined approach. That was the reason why it introduced Material Design.

There are not much-overblown apps. There are no flashy colors or fonts. Everything is quite subtle. The new UI is super slick and smooth. There are many consumer-centric customisations.

You get all the Android Marshmallow features out there except one. Samsung has not enabled the Adoptive Storage in its device, for reasons best known to them. That would mean, you will not be able to install the apps on the expandable storage even when your Galaxy S7 supports memory expansion up to 256 GB. We do not clearly understand the logic of having that much of a capability when you cannot install apps on this storage.

The battery

The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a battery capacity of 3000 mAh.  That is indeed a good deal. With those flashy displays and hefty apps, it is indeed a great pain in the neck to get a decent battery backup. However, we see huge developments in that context. Processor manufacturers like Qualcomm, or the software from Google itself has been instrumental in bringing up the best in the battery.

Samsung on its part is introducing features like Ultra Power Saving Mode that would aid Google’s ownDoze feature. The video loop tests have shown a result of 17 hours. That should mean you would easily get more than a day’s backup easily.

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Our verdict

It is indeed a great device you can opt. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is indeed a great device to hold and use.The performance is quite excellent. The device is smooth, intuitive and faster. The software is as close to the stock Android as it can get.

We would declare it a winner. What would our readers think? We welcome the honest opinions and a view on what we feel is a versatile performer with good looks.

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