Norton Power Eraser Review: Free Virus & Malware Removal Tool

A regular scan using an Anti-Virus solution may not be the ultimate remedy for viral attacks that may affect your computer. At times, it so happens that your anti-virus program may be blocked by malware, or spyware already present in your system. In case you want to be sure that your system has been completely cleaned of the malware, a dedicated utility would be an added advantage. Norton Power Eraser is one such software tool that lets you be more secure from the malware, or spyware presence on your system.

What is Norton Power Eraser?

Norton Power Eraser
Image Source/Credit: Symantec

Norton Power Eraser is malware removal tool in essence that works quite effectively in making your system malware-free. The utility is free to download and is portable.

Coming from Symantec who have decades of experience in the computer security systems, Norton Power Eraser is quite reliable. It can detect the deeply embedded malware quite easily. If your regular Anti-Virus program is not able to find the malware, spyware, or rogue waves – choosing Norton Power Eraser can be a sound investment.

Why do you need Norton Power Eraser when you have an Anti-Virus?

That would indeed be a practical question. However, the reason for the same lies in the fact that spyware and malware are designed intelligently. They normally get past the detection by the conventional anti Virus tools.

A regular Antivirus program is always a bit cautious about removing a program. The Anti Virus utility may not identify the deeply embedded spyware due to the lack of information about the application. That cannot be actually a fault with your Anti-Virus program as you would not want to disable an actually legitimate program as it can be wrongly identified as malware.

Some intelligently created spyware or crimeware will not generally be detected by a regular Anti-Virus program. So it would be a good idea to use a tool like Norton Power Eraser that has been specifically developed to take care of spyware and malware.

The Features

The Norton Power Eraser has the ability to remove practically any program. It is, in fact, more aggressive in comparison to other Norton products ( or for that matter, any other regular Anti-Virus solution).

  • Roll back the changes – As we stated before, Norton Power Eraser is quite aggressive in dealing with the malware. If you have some newly introduced program on your system, it may be wrongly interpreted as the malware and removed. Though it can be a rare case, however, in such an eventuality, you can roll back the changed that have been made by the utility.
  • A vast database – Norton Power Eraser has the assistance from the vast internal database of Norton ( referred to as Norton Insight Database). The database has a huge list of known programs. That would ensure that the legitimate programs are not touched during the cleanup
  • Simple Operation –The functioning of the utility follows a simple approach. Once you launch the application, it gets to work on the dot. There are no complicated procedures involved to get the tool to work.
  • Universal Functionality – What we mean by that phrase is that you need not have Norton product to work with it. If you have a non-Norton Anti-Virus, the utility works seamlessly with it.

How does the Norton Power Eraser tool work?

Norton Power Eraser
Image Source/Credit: Symantec

Well, the Norton Power Eraser is free to download. You do not need to install it on your system. The tool is portable, and that makes it yet another positive trait as long this useful piece of utility is concerned. You need to run the .exe file you downloaded, and it begins to work.

Norton Power Eraser
Image Source/Credit: Symantec

Once launched, it begins to scan each and every program on your device. The aggressive mode of operations lets it detect the malware that your system may have. On launch, you will get three options – Scan for Risks, Undo Previous fix, and Advanced Options.

While it performs the scan, it will need to be constantly connected to the Internet to access Norton Insight Database. This is essential to prevent the legitimate programs being identified as malware and removed. If it not connected to the internet, it will not work.

At the completion of the scan, you will be presented with a list of programs that have been tracked. The utility marks them as Bad and Suspicious. Programs listed Bad are marked for deletion by default. Those marked Suspicious may not be actual malware. You may need to exercise caution when you direct Norton Power Eraser to remove them.

Anything to be careful about?

Well, yes. As we have been stating repeatedly all through the article, Norton Power Eraser uses aggressive methods to detect and remove malware. It can report a truly legitimate program as a malware and mark it for removal. Of course, it uses the Norton Insight Database to determine whether a program is legitimate or not. Even then, it may be possible that some programs may not yet have been included in the database.

As such, it would be wiser to examine each of the recommendations that Norton Power Eraser presents you – or else you may end up removing a program that is actually genuine. In fact, it would be advisable to use this tool only after you have exhausted all your options.

The software does not offer you a real-time protection like other Anti-Virus solutions. It can only be used with other security solutions. That would rule out it as a stand-alone protection for your computer.

The Concluding Thoughts

Norton Power Eraser is a tool that has been designed to be a powerful performer when it comes to the removal of persistent malware. It will be the best option if you are not able to install an Antivirus security on your computer. It is faster with its performance, portable and free.

Using it in combination with other Anti-Virus solutions can indeed provide you with the best possible results. Kindly note that it may not be effective when used as a standalone application. The only thing you need to take care is to use it with a little caution as it can often come up with false positives because of its aggressive working.

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