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In the 21st century, we hardly ever run out of options of entertainment and often indulge ourselves in several activities like video gaming, listening to songs and watching movies. Among them, the most selected option of indulgence is watching movies and TV shows online. While watching something online, our first choice is always the FMovies. It allows you to enjoy an absolutely ad-free entertainment at your convenient resolutions, for free.

Fmovies - Movie Sites like Fmovies

You can watch the Fmovies TV series at several resolutions on your laptop screen without the need of going through several advertisement popup. There is absolutely no reason why one would ever want to shift away from the site of FMovies.

However, these days, due to the laws and restrictions of streaming fmovies online in every country, some people cannot enjoy smooth and uninterrupted fmovies watch feature.

This is the only reason what made us look for other sites like fmovies which allows you to enjoy the similar features and also ensures quality entertainment.

You can download and watch movies online for free without advertisements popping up on the screen. These sites are some of the top options to watch your favorite movies if you do not have the permission to view FMovies in your country.

List of 10 Sites like Fmovies to watch onlime movies

  1. BMovies

Movie Sites like Fmovies - Bmovies

If you are expecting a completely ad-free entertainment, at this website, then it is not. There are a few advertisements and popup that you can see from time to time, while watching movies at BMovies.

However, its interface is worth praise, which is much common to the surface interface of 123movies website. Also, it comes with the options of filtering results like top-rated IMDB Ratings, genre of the movie, and country names.

Also, you can search for movies, according to the alphabetical order of the movies’ name, which is such a time saver. This site also has more options of countries’ availability like in Korea, Taiwan, China, and United States.

Though it eases your task by categorizing the movies, but you will have to go through a process of registration, in order to enjoy the services of the website. Now that’s a hectic task! Once done, you can have a smooth experience of movie matching, here.

  1. YesMovies

Sites like Fmovies - Yes Movies

It is everyone’s first choice when it comes to streaming movies and TV series online. It offers absolutely rich-quality services in an user-friendly designed website.

Movie buffs find this site really interesting and time-saving too, as you can watch movies and shows, with less number of advertisements, at free of cost, without going through any procedure of registration. However, if you can download an ad blocker, you can get rid of those arrogant advertisements.

Among the vast collection of movies and TV shows, you can also filter out the results on this website, according to your preference of genres, ratings, and, languages. We suggest you not to download the movies and TV shows from here because it often takes you to irrelevant servers which might affect your device. So, online streaming is the best thing that you can do on this website.

  1. YoMovies

YO Movies - Movie Sites like Fmovies

Though everything on this website matches to the features of FMovies, but unlike other websites, it provides only high-definition movies. It is already quite popular among the people for its wide range of websites streaming facilities, without any need to sign-up or registrations.

Apart from providing the filters like IMDB ratings, and trending ratings, this website has brought to you the scope of watching movies which are available in languages like, South Indian Hindi dubbed movies, 18+ movies, Hollywood movies, Punjabi movies, Bollywood movies and so much more.

  1. VexMovies

VEX Movies - Movie Sites like Fmovies

This website comes with a fuss-free layout, which is very user-friendly and easy to use by any layman. It allows you to watch top-notch quality movies, for absolutely free without the interruption of any irritating advertisements.

There is also an advanced feature which allows the website to search for any movie, in a few seconds only. This particular site is such a gem and allows you to browse through several filters of choosing movie genres from the vast filters of horror, action, drama, science fiction, and comedy.

Also, their huge database of movies gets updated with the latest movies every time, to make sure you never run out of option of entertainments. The best part of this website is that, you do not even need to go through a process of registration.

  1. GoStream

GoStream - Movie Sites like Fmovies

If you love to watch movie online, without the fuss of downloading it to your device, then it is the perfect website to stream movies for you. It is also known to be one of the best streaming platforms for the online movies because of its, one-click entertainment feature.

Besides, you can also gain some knowledge about the movies you are watching, regarding the formation of the plot, actors and also, some behind the scenes glimpses. Apart from such a wide range of filtration procedure, if you fail to search some movie there, you can go to the search bar option and can search for your favorite movies there.

  1. MovieWatcher

HD MovieWatcher - Movie Sites like Fmovies

If you never want to lag behind when it comes to watching the new and absolutely latest movies, then, MovieWatcher is the site for you. You can watch all the movies for free without the need to even register which is such a great feature, especially in our daily life schedule.

Though it can bring to you the latest movies, but it lacks a bit features like the option to filters the movie results according to the genres and, alphabetical orders. In this site, when you need to look for a movie, you will have to search for it by typing it, in the search box.

  1. FlixTor

FlixTor - movie Sites like Fmovies

If you are among the ones, who do not like to wait during through the time of streaming, then FlixTor is here to fix all your problems. It allows you to stream the movies and videos online at a much faster pace than compared to any other entertainment website, which are available for free. Its proper way of organization allows you to search for the popular TV shows and movies, without even the requirement to sign-up.

This popular site, along with its super-streaming feature, lets you enjoy absolutely advertisement-free entertainment. So, even if you need to go  to bed early, you can still finish watching a movie, fast.

  1. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime - Movie Sites like Fmovies

The most popular online streaming entertainment website is Amazon Prime which, though does not provide an absolutely free for a lifetime service, but allows you a 30-day free trial period to try out the particular website.

It streams several movies and songs from worldwide, and at the same time, also streams its original web series and popular releases.

Though it includes the step of compulsory registration, you can filter and choose the movies and series, and episodes, you want to watch. Once the 30-day trial period is over, you need to pay a certain token money, following an annual payment procedure.

  1. 123MoviesHub

123Movies Hub - Movie SItes like Fmovies

Now this is another similar site to FMovies, which shares some of the similar features. It is another entertainment website which caters to everyone’s taste of movies and TV shows with a huge database of popular movies and TV shows.

The categories have been divided into headers like Box Office, TV – Today, TV – Series, and Trending which features several contents. There is a huge collection of movies and TV series which has the option to filter out the results, on the basis of genres, country, IMDB ratings, and, duration of time. You can just visit the site; choose the movie or TV series through the filters, and play it without even registering on it.

  1. CMoviesHD

Cmovies - Movies like Fmovies

If you have the fetish to explore movies from several countries and languages, then CMoviesHD allows you to do that. It has all the movies listed down, from 13+ countries, which is like a huge database and source of entertainment and includes several genres like, family, adventure, history, action, romance and more.

This website comes with 4 to 5 streaming servers where you can enjoy free movies and TV series online, without any process of registration. So, there is no going back from this website, because when one server is not working, you can shift to another server and continue watching your favorite movie or, favorite TV series in high-definition, and for absolutely free of cost.

Final Thoughts

To make sure that you do not get lost in the pool of entertainment, we guided you with the above list of websites. These 10 movie sites like Fmovies mentioned above allows you to enjoy services which does not differ much from the FMovies features.

So, whether FMovies is legal in your country or not, you can still enjoy the latest and high-definition movies and TV shows, by streaming on to the above sites. Also, do not forget to let us know how your experience with these sites was, in the comments below!

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