Moto Z Review – Motorola proves the future is Modular Smartphones

Motorola was the first entrant to the Indian Smartphone market. However, it could not make itself succeed till it came with the Moto G series. Then came the leadership of Lenovo. With the successful launches and a success rate in the face of competition, Motorola has been one of the trusted brands in India.

The latest one from Motorola, the Moto Z has just been rolled out, and we would love to present our views on the device in this review.

Moto Z Review

Moto Z  Technical Specifications, Features & Review

Design and Looks

As has been a constant feature these days, Moto Z is a combination of metal and glass. Though the design does not impress to the level of the ones like Galaxy S7 or such other devices,

The physical dimensions of the device read 153.3 x 75.3 x 5.19mm, while it weighs a healthy 139 grammes. In fact. It is the first phone of that much of thinness. The Smartphone comes with a USB Type-C port. By the way, the device lacks the 3.5 mm audio jack. It looks like Motorola did think of it even before Apple thought of it. The Moto Z will now let you listen to music on the USB Type-C port. The sales package consists of a 3.5 mm to USB Type C adapter so that you would not need to search for a particular headset.

The phone is a fingerprint magnet.


The Quad HD display at 5.5 inches is quite. The resolution of the device reads an impressive 1440 x 2560 pixels. The pixel density of 535 PPI should be something worth the price you are paying for it.

The display quality is comparable to the likes of AMOLED on Samsung. The outdoor legibility and viewing angles are excellent. Moreover, you get bright blacks and vibrant colours.

The hardware and performance

It looks like Motorola is attempting to stay ahead of the competition, at the same time not moving away from the low-end configurations.

Moto Z is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 quad-core processor. The graphics are taken care of by Adreno 530 GPU. The 4 GB of onboard RAM should be a great option for your practical multitasking needs. The internal storage capacity of the Moto Z is 64 GB. You can expand it further to another 2 TB, but you will need to sacrifice the dual SIM compatibility for the purpose.

The massive screen size would make it a little difficult to handle. However, the performance stays up to the mark. There were no stutters or lags observed, even with the resource hungry apps working in the background and several tabs on the browser open.


The rear camera on the Moto Z is 13 MP. The camera has a f/1.8 aperture and laser autofocus. One of the significant additions includes Optical Image Stabilisation. The newly done camera app is capable of shooting great snaps either in daylight or low light conditions. There is a zero shutter lag introduced which makes it a great performer.

The front camera reads 5 MP. It does come with a flash and wide angle lens. The larger sensor on the front snapper improves your selfies further.

The newly designed camera app has done away with the old hidden kind of menu and controls. The settings are now easy to find and manage. The app now has a Professional Mode that lets you alter the settings like ISO or aperture size and other details. There are other means like Slow Motion, Panorama and other specific options to let you click some great shots.

You can shoot 4K videos on Moto Z at 30 fps. There is also support for slow motion video at 720p and 120 fps.


Well, as we all are aware, the Motorola smartphones come with almost stock Android experience. The software is not bloated. That is one o the reasons for the super smooth experience on the device.

The Moto Z runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. You can be sure of getting the Android 7.0 Nougat update soon. Given the fact that Motorola has been good in coming up with updates. Apart from the standard stock Android apps and features, you get a few Motorola branded apps. However, we would not brand them as bloat as these are quite useful.

Active Display is one of the features that got tweaked in the recent update. It will let you get a view of the notifications without having to unlock the phone. It will get activated as soon as you move your hand over the phone, or take it out of the place where it is lying. The phone has support for some voice and gesture based controls.

The phone takes the concept of modular phones a little further. It does support Moto Mods which are some of the extra accessories that get fit to the back of your phone.

The Modular Magic

This Modular Magic is exactly what makes Moto Z a unique device. It is a practical device with the option to add up modular components. Though the Project Ara has got abandoned, Moto seems to take it forward.

The rear of the phone is where all the mods will get fit. The lower part of the back has metallic strips to attach the mods. If you are not using any mod, you can use a style shell to avoid the metal strips from being visible.

There are four mods currently available – a battery extension pack, a better camera mod, a JBL made speaker or projector. These mods connect magnetically to the back of the phone. More mods are expected to come soon. It has been made clear by Motorola that the mods will support all the future devices.

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Final Verdict

Well, Moto devices have always been our favourites since long. What makes us go with them is the pure stock Android experience without any adulterations and the timely updates that are assured as has been our usual experience with the Moto devices. Apart from that, Moto Z arouses more interest because of its take on the concept of modular design. Moto Z is a great handset for those looking forward to a combination of style and power.

Have any of our readers used the Moto Z? We would look forward to their opinions and views so that they can benefit those who are planning to buy Moto Z.

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