How to use Iolo System Mechanic – A Complete Guide & Review

Your computer may not continue running at the same pace as it was doing at the time it was first purchased.  There are many reasons for your computer to get sloggy and clumsy. Your hard drive may be accumulating many data. Thus managing and cleaning up the debris from your hard drives is quite essential. There are a few PC Tune up tools and utilities available which can clean your laptop or PC of all the debris it has collected. Iolo System Mechanic is one such tool that offers a few promising features.

Iolo System Mechanic

What is Iolo System Mechanic?

System Mechanic is a PC Performance tool from Iolo Technologies. It can clear your RAM, removes junk files and unused apps and blocks bloatware.

After you have used System Mechanic on your PC, you can be sure of an improved performance on your computer. PCMag Magazine even goes to the extent of stating that.“This excellent tune-up utility dramatically improves your PC’s performance by defragging the hard drive, repairing Windows’s troublesome Registry, tweaking CPU and RAM usage in real time, and more.”

System Mechanic is indeed great software regarding its performance. It comes with a host of tools and processes to optimize your computer to give you the best in class performance.

The Review

Let us know go into the detailed review of the Iolo System Mechanic. We will analyze the features in a systematic manner, by going through each of the aspects as below.

The Interface

Iolo System Mechanic has a cleaner and simple user interface. As soon as you start up the tool, your system will be diagnosed, and the details of the same are presented to you. The issues that your computer may have and the possible reasons for the same are explained in a clear and lucid language.

The explanations are quite simple and can be easily understood by even the novices can understand. The complete tool is divided into a few subsections –

  • Dashboard – This is the section that acts as your guide to your PC Health. It is precisely where you are presented with the diagnosis of your computer.
  • ActiveCare – The section will allow you to achieve real-time You can schedule automated maintenance of your system.
  • LiveBoost – This section of the System Mechanic takes care of the speed of your machine. It optimizes the aspects that affect your speed and corrects them.
  • Internet Security – As the name itself should indicate the section is meant for handling the security features that are related to your internet usage.
  • Toolbox –This is a collection of all the features that System Mechanic has on offer.

The Performance

Well, the software is indeed a treasure house for all your PC Optimisation requirements. We put it to some test to find what exactly it can do for us.

To begin with, installation went super smooth. The program needs just under five minutes to load. On the first startup, the utility will analyze your system. As we stated above, once it diagnoses your system, it will present a report in front of you.

In our case, we were offered a list of the issues that our computer had. It even gave us an idea of how many start up programs we have and how many of them are unneeded. You can have a look at the issues that are presented to you and take a decision on what you would wish to do with them. You can review the problems indicated by System Mechanic.

Once your review is over, you can give System Mechanic a go-ahead to take the necessary action. The utility will continue performing a host of tasks. It will clean your registry, defragment the drive and repair any issues that your hard drive may have. Your registry will be backed up before taking any action on it so that you can restore it in the case of any issues later on.

Once it completes all the tasks, the System Mechanic will reboot your computer. Please note that a series of reboots may be necessary as part of the tuning up process.

Once the system finally reboots one last time, you will see what System Mechanic states as Recommendations. It gives an idea of how you have tuned up your computer just now and offered a to-do list of what else you can do to get your computer perform more effectively and efficiently.

Once you are satisfied with the initial tuning up operation you have completed with System Mechanic, you can set the LiveBoost which will take care of the real-time maintenance of your computer – thereby giving you a trouble free smooth performance for a long time to come.

Anything to feel dry about?

Well, like with any software utility, Iolo System Mechanic has its shortcomings. Not that the issues are overwhelming, but still it would be good to point the limitations to give our readers a fair deal of information.

Iolo System Mechanic has a section dedicated to boost your internet speed. However, in actuality, it does not do much in that regard. Maybe it is because internet boost requires the support from your modem/router and your Internet service provider.

The utility takes quite some time in completing its tasks. That could be a concern when you want to get the things done in a jiffy. A first-time optimization may need around an hour to complete. A deep scan can take longer than that.

A few Pros and Cons

As with any software tool, let us get an idea of what the software is capable of and what it lacks. We present a list of a few Pros and Cons –


  • Excellent optimisation
  • It cleans up your system quite effectively.
  • The interface is straightforward and easy to understand.
  • It increases the system response in an excellent manner.


  • Internet performance does not make much difference
  • Though the interface is simple, yet not intuitive in some cases.

The Support

The System Mechanic offers you support only through help files and email. Though most of the tasks performed by System Mechanic are self-instructive, still a telephonic support would have been a good idea. Lack of it can be a concern, though.

Pricing and Availability

You can visit the official site of Iolo Technologies to download and buy the System Mechanic. The software works with Windows® 10, 8, 8.1, 7 (XP/Vista up to v16.0.0.10) operating systems.  It will cost you $ 39.96. The tool can be installed on all your home PCs and laptops by opting for Whole Home License.

The Final Words

The System Mechanic from Iolo Technologies is an excellent piece of software that excels in making your computer a faster performer. The tool comes with an antivirus solution as well that makes it a bonus. Iolo System Mechanic offers a One-Click solution for the fine tuning of your device. If you are the one looking for a one-stop solution that is both intuitive and intelligent, Iolo Technologies’ System Mechanic is the best you can opt for.

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