Iolo DriveScrubber – A complete How to Guide

You may want to sell your old PC, or laptop and worried about the sensitive data that is stored in it. So before you sell it off, or discard it – you would wish to remove all your data beyond any trace. That is precisely when you feel the need for a data deletion software. One such able software utility is DriveScrubber from Iolo Technologies.

Iolo has a longstanding experience in the arena of data deletion, and it shows in the product they have developed. The tool can help as a handy utility that can be used to permanently removing all your files including files, images, banking related info and passwords among others. It is a useful software that will let you get rid of all your personal data in addition to cleaning the drives that are affected by stubborn viruses and malware.

What is Iolo DriveScrubber?

Well, the name itself should indicate what exactly does Iolo DriveScrubber is capable of. The tool has been accorded the status of software that exceeds the stringent standards of defense establishments. One of the pioneers in the computer tune up technology, Iolo Technologies, has created a masterpiece when it comes to repairing, optimizing and protecting your Windows-based computer systems.

The Installation and setup

Iolo DriveScrubber is compatible with almost all Windows setups. It can be installed both on a 32 bit or a 64 bit operating systems. The tool can be installed just under a minute without many hassles.

The Performance

You can use Iolo Technologies DriveScrubber to remove any file from your computer. It can remove all sorts of data like videos, documents, passwords and images. If you have a large portion of data that needs to be deleted, DriveScrubber performs equally well in those scenarios.

The data deletion standards adopted by DriveScrubber exceed the most stringent Department of Defense standards. You can choose from multiple customized options as well. Right from the simple one pass method to the more robust seven pass method – you name it, and DriveScubber has it. It does support the standards like DOD 5220.22-M ECE.

We attempted to remove a couple of files on our system to check the functionality of the tool. We restricted ourselves to the single pass method and found to our astonishment that the file was gone forever within no time. It practically left no trace at all of its existence. We can even go to the extent of stating that the files, once removed using DriveScrubber, will not be traceable even with the important data retrieval system.

The actual working

Once you install the tool and run it, you will be greeted with three options – Deleting the contents of an entire drive, Removing the leftovers from a drive from which files have been deleted and creating a DriveScrubber bootable disk.

On choosing an entire drive to be deleted, you will be given a few options to choose from. The first option will ask you to choose the drive. Once you choose the drive to be cleaned, you need to choose the deletion method. You can choose from among the different customized methods or opt for Defense Department compliant 5220.22‐M.

The tool has put a couple of checkpoints in place to avoid accidental deletion of data. Once you confirm the deletion, the process will begin that should take quite long time based on the size and contents of the drive.

The second option can be used to remove the remnants of an already removed file or application. To begin with, you choose a drive to be checked and click on Analyse Now button. The tool will start removing the leftovers from the drive. This should be a task that completes faster than the entire wiping of a drive.

The third option lets you create a bootable DriveScrubber disk. It can be a good choice when you want to remove all the data from your system and install an all new OS. The option also comes handy when your OS is infected with viruses and malware.

The features

By now, you might have come to the conclusion that it is one of the must-have tools on your computer. To aid you in deciding further, let us check out a few features in a nutshell.

  • Customisable Tools – You can choose from a hoard of different cleanup techniques. For the not so serious file, you may use a single pass method. Alternatively, if you want to be secure, opt for the Defense standard seven pass option. There are other options available as well, like electron microscopy and magnetic residue detection.
  • Real-time protection – Apart from the one-time deletion of data, you can use DriveScrubber to perform an ongoing schedule. It will keep removing the traces of deleted data while maintaining the other files untouched. It could be a good option in transferring your working system.
  • Best in class speed – The performance is quite faster. While other tools may take hours together to wipe data from drives, DriveScrubber can finish the task within a couple of hours.
  • Wipe within Windows – This is a feature that lets you wipe an entire drive without the need for a boot disk. The operating system will remain untouched, while the contents are removed.

Flowers and brickbats

Well, just like any other tools and utilities, DriveScubber too has some shortcomings. Some of the Pros and Cons include


  • Faster installation.
  • It can completely clean your file without leaving any trace.
  • The interface is quite intuitive and secure thus avoiding accidental deletion of files.
  • It can be installed and used on 3 computers.


  • The functionality of the tool is a little complex. For novices, it may be a little difficult to
  • No telephonic support available

The support mechanism

As we stated before, the tool is a little complex for the novices. The support assumes utmost importance in such situations. You may not need to worry from that perspective. There is quite a lot of information available on the official website. If you are still at a loss to understand a couple of issues, you can get in touch with customer support through email. The time for the response to arrive may be a few days, though. There is no telephonic support currently available.

Availability and pricing

The DriveScbber from Iolo Technologies can be bought at $ 23.96. The Whole Home License lets you install it on all your home PCs. You will continue getting free upgrades up to one year. The utility is compatible with Windows® 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP (SP3).

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In Conclusion

It may not be easy to use data deletion utility, but still, DriveScrubber is quite capable in its performance. Powerful and faster drive scrubbing at the best price should be one of the points that should go in its favour. If you are ready to spend a little more time to learn the concepts, DriveScrubber would be a good investment to keep your data secure and safer.

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