Install Aptoide TV on Firestick : How to Guide on installing Aptoide TV Apk

Aptoide TV is the type of the app store that provides apps enhanced to work on Smart TVs and Android TV set-top systems. You will have to install the Aptoide TV apk package in any of these smart devices, and you can go ahead to use the catalog and browse through the entertainment system.

Another option for the app store is the Aptoide app store. The word Aptoide denotes the combination of the APT installation package and the Android Operating System. This store is accessible and well-suited for several screen dimensions. Therefore you can use Aptoide TV on your smartphone as well as on the TV. You can also use it over your big screens. The app provides us a comparable offering and picks the necessary ones in a similar method as you do it over the devices.

Aptoide TV is an open source platform.  Two types of the Aptoide app store will fit into the Fire TV, so it is significant to set up the appropriate Aptoide TV app and not the usual Android kind of the Aptoide app store. The main issue is if you try to install a smartphone version of the app store on the TV, the functionalities might considerably differ, and all the controls do not work effectively.

List of Aptoide TV features

  • Best of other new app stores – As contrasting to other app stores, Aptoide does not need customers to sign in, to install the apps.
  • Easy to procure – One of the main pluses of Aptoide is that it allows users to make acquisitions with any type of payment systems apart from credit cards.
  • Can be personalized and flexible – The most recent design aspects of Aptoide lets new coders develop their app stores. This App store offers programmers with all the essential resources. Consequently, they might not have to depend on Google play store for everything else.
  • Universal localization – It is available in almost 40+ global languages and is accessible from anywhere across the globe.
  • Down gradable version – In the event you are coming across some problems with the present Aptoide version, you can effortlessly demote to the other, benign version.
  • No Malware – One more plus of Aptoide is that it is free from malware. To guarantee extreme protection and safety, Aptoide programmers have applied some endorsement and defense layers.

Here is the actual process on how to install Aptoide TV on Firestick:

Aptoide is not an authorized app store, and an arbitrator manages it. This denotes that few apps in the store can be illegitimate subject to your whereabouts. Mainly, all apps that have authorized content can be named as illicit. That’s why; you must use a reliable VPN. On the other hand, not all appropriate VPNs are apt for Amazon Fire stick and TV.

Selecting a VPN:

While picking a VPN check for the below points:

  1. Compatibility with devices – Make sure the VPN you choose is compatible with the device. Else you might not be able to use Firestick.
  2. Rapid downloads – Most of the VPNs supplement some add-on to the connection through the deciphering process. Nonetheless, the best suppliers have enhanced their approaches for a negligible slowdown.
  3. Size of the network – The number of maximum servers a VPN tracks the more connectivity possibilities are at your clearance.
  4. Zero-charting rule – A stringent zero-charting rule for absolute online confidentiality and safety is the appropriate method to use a VPN.


Method 1: Set up Aptoide TV utilizing Downloader

Aptoide, the most capable substitute for Google Play and app store on Firestick and is a vendor app store and hence it is not put on the Amazon Store. The procedure of setting up Aptoide TV on Firestick via downloader is reasonably effortless and easy to comprehend. Aptoide TV provides an excellent package of applications that are accessible for free.

Since the package is unavailable in Amazon store, you might have to side load it using the below process.

  • Step 1: Use the remote controls direction arrows to choose the Settings option that is present in the Firestick home page. Navigate to Settings.
  • Step 2: Pick the appropriate Devices.
  • Step 3: Move to Developer preferences.
  • Step 4: Set up ADB Fixing and Apps from unidentified sources.
  • Step 5: Move to the downloader option. If you can’t view the app on the home page, press and hold down the Home key those is present on the remote control and choose ‘Apps.’ The available list of apps is displayed on the screen from which you might select the app and run it.
  • Step 6: Click on the Install Aptoide TV option and wait until the .apk file completely downloads. Head back to the home screen. Just in case you get a notice displaying the app’s facets and updates, select the OK option.
  • Step 7: The setup progress window is displayed on the screen. Once the set-up is finished, you will receive the ‘App setup complete’ notice. Then select either the done or open option.
  • Step 8: Next you may choose to delete the apk file as the installation is already complete. It might unwantedly consume space in the system storage only.
  • Step 9: And you are done with the installation now.

There are a couple of other methods to setup Aptoide TV on Fire Stick substitute with and without the computer.

Method 2 : Installing Aptoide TV on Firestick using ES File Explorer app

Using the ES file explorer app, you can set up the Aptoide TV app. Just select the ES File Explorer, move to Tools menu present on the left menu bar and expand it. You can choose the download manager option from the sub-menu and click on the + option.

In the Path text areas specify the URL and in the Name field, provide any specific name you wish to have but make sure it applies to the app installation. Now select the Download Now option and wait until the .apk file downloads.

Despite the fact, there is an interim option to install Google Play Store on your Fire devices the other methods are a bit lengthy and might fail at times. So look for the right opportunities and have a hassle-free installation process.

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