Google Pixel Review : A Premium Pure Android Phone

Android is Google’s child. However, do we get all the Android features that Google intended to provide us? Not exactly. The manufacturers make the real Android look ugly at times. What with the skins, unneeded bloatware, and other additional paraphernalia.

That is precisely why we needed a pure Android device. Google Pixel fills this void. In fact, Google Pixel is the very first phone from Google. Though Google has worked with the idea with the Nexus offerings, yet it was not completely a pure Android experience.  Not anymore – with Google Pixel, you get everything Google has planned with its Android ecosystem. It is a device that is made by Google and purely an Android by Google.

Google Pixel Review

Google Pixel Review: Essential Features to look out for

The Design

Pixel brings you a combination of metal and glass like most of the contemporary smartphones. The design more or less looks like an iPhone. The idea seems to be coming up with something that looks familiar. And iPhones are usual.

There are differences too. The rear is a good example. The top one-third part of the back, glass replaces the metal. It may look a little awkward for some of us, yet it has its functionality angle to it. It ould aid in a better signal reception and also help you in handling the phone correctly. The camera has no bump, and that would be an added advantage.

Ther is no massive branding. It just has a G on the rear to indicate that it is a Google device. The smartphone comes in three color options of Quite Black, Very Silver, and Really Blue. The last variant of the Pixel is being made available only in the US.

Having praised the Pixel for all those goodies, we missed te water resistance properties on it, though.


Google Pixel features a 5 inch AMOLED display. The full HD resolution combined with the clarity of AMOLED would make it the best one to bring out the best of Android. The display is crystal clear, to say the least.

The display does support DayDream VR, which is the latest virtual reality platform from Google. The viewing angles on the new Google Pixel are quite decent. Even the outdoor visibility does not disappoint you.

 The Insides

Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor powers the Google Pixel. The quad-core processor got coupled with a whopping 4 Gb of RAM. That should indeed be a perfect choice for all your multitasking needs.

The internal storage capacity has up to 32 GB for the core variant. Unlike the previous Google devices which had the base model with 16 GB storage, Google Pixel comes with a minimum of 32 GB. The phone does not have expandable storage, though. However, if you want more storage limit, you can opt for the 128 GB version at a slightly higher price.And if you still need more storage capacity, you have free unlimited cloud storage on Google Pixel.

The new Google device has the fingerprint scanner on the rear. We treat it to be a great option. No more fumbling with the home button to activate the scanner. Google Pixel has a Pixel Imprint fingerprint scanner capable of a host of other tasks including launching the apps. For instance, a double tap on the scanner starts the camera.


The camera has been the most important upgrade that the Pixel has received. The rear camera on the Pixel has a 12 MP sensor. The f/2.0 camera offers a combination of Laser Autofocus and Phase detection. The camera also comes with dual tone flash. However, there is no Optical Image Stabilisation. It could be an issue for the people with shaky hands.

The camera tests indicate that the Pixel is capable of clicking images in a breeze and greater details. In fact, comparison tests have shown it bettering iPhone. Google Pixel appears to be a real answer to the constant gripe about the quality of Android cameras.  To begin with, the camera app real fast in launching itself and shooting the images. The default mode for the camera app is HDR. Even if you change it to any other mode, it defaults to the HDR mode when you launch it next time.

The rear camera of Google Pixel is capable of shooting 4K videos. The front camera reads 8 MP and provides you many selfies. The colors and the quality of the images taken are indeed quite good and can be equivalent or better than most of the contemporary devices.


Well, coming from the Google, the Pixel comes with Android Nougat 7.1 – the latest iteration of the Android operating system. The most recent update to the OS has many improvements like improved app drawer and Google search actions.

Apart from the standard Android features, the Google Pixel also offers certain Pixel specific apps and features. The massive changes that you would notice on Android Nougat are the rounded icons and the swipe gesture to the app drawer.The Pixel specific features we mentioned above include the chat and support option that you can access from within the settings menu.

The OS is more polished and responsive in its latest avatar. The best part should be that Pixel smartphones will get the software updates before any other device gets it.

A discussion on Google Pixel will not be complete without mentioning the major feature – the Google Assistant.

The real Personal Assistant – Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the most important aspect that would make Google Pixel stand out from other devices. The virtual personal assistant works just great. It can understand all your queries and comes up with practical solutions. Moreover, it can read your follow up queries contextually.  That should indeed make it the best option as it would be equivalent to talking to a real human being.

Agreed, the Assistant is not perfect as yet. But, it does offer competition to the likes of Siri. The personal assistant cannot yet work with the third party apps. We may need to wait till the future updates. We will wait till the updates arrive, and the Google Assistant becomes more evolved.

Battery and rest of it

Google Pixel runs on a 2770 mAh battery. The battery is nonremovable. Google claims that a full charge would give you a backup of over a day with moderate usage. The advanced Doze feature on Android 7.1 would be of indispensable help in making it a possibility.

The phone features almost all connectivity features you would expect from a phone at this price point. NFC, WiFi, and Bluetooth and other features would make it a great device.

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The final thoughts

So, is the device worth the switch? Yes, for sure. We do not have many complaints about it. It would look like an iPhone running on Android. But yes, Google Pixel is a great device that offers you everything that Android has in it. We consider it iPhone-ish. Just like iPhone is made by Apple and has the same software that is meant for the hardware it has, Same should go for  Google Pixel.  Google makes the phone, and Google knows what hardware does it need to get the software work on it. A perfect combination of these two features will make Google Pixel an excellent choice.

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