5 Unique ways to get free music for iPhone without iTunes

Free Music for iPhone

iOS is indeed one of the most secure operating systems. However, this same safe nature makes it a bit difficult to access music – free music, to be precise – on it. The official store, iTunes, does not allow you download free music. If you are a music lover, it may be quite an issue for you. Do not panic, there are ways to let you download free music for iPhone.

Let us examine a few ways that would be helpful in downloading free music on your iPhone.

Best ways to download free music for iPhone

The internet is a huge source for online music. You have aces to a multitude of services that provide you free music. We are listing out the most popular methods that can be used to download the free music on your Apple device.

#1. Stream free music

Streaming services are a great source of free music.  You can find a good music streaming app from the app store.  There is a huge list of such apps available on the app store.

  • Choose an app that best suits your tastes. Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify are some of the examples. The free versions of the app may have ads between the songs.
  • You may need to connect to a WiFi service to access the streaming service. The apps use the heavy amount of data for streaming, and if you are on limited data plans, it may incur substantial
  • The streaming apps frequently require you to open an account on their portal for using their services.You may choose to use Facebook or Google
  • You can search for your favorite music on the app and listen to it.

Please note that some streaming apps allow you to download music. If your main aim is to download music from those streaming apps, choose the one that supports downloads. In our opinion, however, it may be an excellent idea to keep streaming the music than downloading it. It would save your precious storage space.

#2.Freegal app

Freegal is a web-based service that lets you access free music in a legal way.

  • You need to have a free membership of Freegal. You need a participating library membership to access this service.
  • Visit the Freegal website on your desktop or laptop.
  • Once you registered with your library, you can search for the music you would wish to download.
  • You can then add the downloaded file to your iTunes library. It would be an easy task to transfer the audio files to your phone from iTunes library.

However, it should be worth to be noted that you are allowed to download three music files per week.

#3.Download music from YouTube

YouTube is an excellent source for the music downloads. You may not be able to download the music files from YouTube on your iPhone directly.

  • You can convert any video file on YouTube into an audio file.
  • Search for the music you would want to download on the YouTube.
  • Copy the URL of this video on to your browser.
  • Choose one of the YouTube downloaders that can convert a video file into an audio file. There are many apps and web portals that can convert your video files. com, savido.net, and SaveFromNetare some of the good examples.
  • You can choose the format and the audio quality that would suit your needs. Make sure you select a format that is supported by iTunes.
  • Add the music files downloaded to the iTunes music library.
  • Now, sync your iPhone with the iTunes.

You can also add the music files you downloaded to your iCloud Music Library. The procedure does work if you are using Apple Music.

#4.SoundCloud app

SoundCloud is one of the modern tools for downloading the music on your PC, or desktop. You can use your regular browsers to download music from SoundCloud.

  • SoundCloud works on Chrome, Safari, and FireFox desktop browsers. If you do not have installed any one of those browsers on your PC, you may need to install any of them to proceed.
  • Open the page for the song you want to download. If Free Download option is available, click on it to download the file.
  • If not, you may need to use the developer tools and other options to download the file to your PC.
  • After the file is downloaded to your P, you can add it to your iTunes library.
  • Once the data gets added to the iTunes library, you can sync it with your iPhone.

#5. Downloads from Amazon

Amazon is one of the perfect choices for music download on your iPhone. It offers you a good enough selection of the music.

  • Visit Amazon.com and then head on to Digital Music
  • Click on More deals section and then check for Free Music. It may not be much easy to find a music file that meets your requirements.
  • Once you find it, you can choose to download it.
  • Rest of the process should remain similar to the other methods enlisted in this article. You can add the files to your iTunes library and then sync it with youriPhone.

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The Final Verdict

That concludes our listing of top picks for the best options to download free music for iPhone. There are much more methods available over the internet that would let you access and download free music for iPhone. UnlikeAndroid, iOS offers you lesser scope in downloading free music to your smartphone. Options like Google Play Music, FreeMP3 Box, and Deezer, are a couple of great options from that point of view. Instead of going into detailing those apps, we have attempted to stay focussed on some unique methods to download the free music for iPhone.

We welcome our readers to share their views on the ways featured above on different music download options on an Apple device.  If you are using any specifically useful and better methods for downloading music, they may share the apps or such practices through the comments below.

Happy listening!

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