Free movies download app for android you should not miss downloading

We all love watching movies, don’t we? After all, we all spend our Sunday mornings and afternoons watching the reruns of shows and the movies we didn’t want to spend money for, and just for that people created these amazing free movies download the app for android to watch free movies and enjoy the comfort of our home while being at home.

List of free movies download app for android

  1. Tubi TV

free movies download app for android

  • This app offers you free and popular movies and TV series in full HD. This also happens to be free.
  • Many of us don’t want to pay money for watching movies; we love it when we get something for free. And in this app, you don’t have to register with your credit card also.
  • The videos do have commercials, but obviously, they will not be more than the cable.
  • Watch it anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Every week you will be surprised with new movies and TV series or episodes.
  • What about the subscription fee? You don’t have to pay it and still watch new movies, action movies, documentaries, anime, horror, comedy.
  • This app happens to have the largest library for free, and TV shows that you can choose from whenever you want.
  • They plan on making the entertainment free for us so that we don’t have to pay for entertaining ourselves
  1. Flipps HD

free movies download app for android

  • This app provides you with movies, YouTube videos, music and latest news for free.
  • You can choose from 100+ channels for fantastic entertainment, and they don’t follow the standard TV guidelines.
  • People who love watching fighting and wrestling sports they can always download the different app from the same developer that is FITE TV for live events and backstage footage.
  • This app has partners with CBS, Bloomberg, Showtime, The Washington Post, Fusion, Magnolia Pictures, ACC, Campus Insiders and much more to get the authenticated information.
  • This app can function in more than 5000 TV models.
  • This app also provides you with Cloud to TV streaming, so whatever you are watching on your phone you can always watch that on television in some seconds.
  • The content is English only, but in some places like Spain, Germany, and Russia you can get local channels depending on your location.
  1. View Ster

free movies download app for android

  • This app also gives you free movies and your favourite TV series, but they also give you anime based on your choice. They pick the things that people love watching and provide you with that; this is why this app is different from the other apps.
  • They also get you fresh content from some of the new creators and original creators.
  • You don’t need to sign up for this app, you can start watching anytime and no issue of signing in.
  • They are always increasing their library for anime.
  • They handpick the series from around the web.
  • You can also follow your favourite channels for updates and new episodes.
  • And if you are running late or you are in a meeting, you can always mark the event or series to watch later tag. Isn’t that handy?
  1. Hub

  • This app is probably the best app for your streaming and downloading.
  • In this app, you don’t need a FLASH player, which saves the storage of our phones cause we don’t have to download an additional app to make this app work.
  • No problem of the ads as you can always remove the apps with your wish. This is a bonus in this app.

These were the apps that let you download movies for free, and now I will give you the account of some of my favourite movie downloading apps. These are the bonus advice.

  1. Google Play Movies

free movies download app for android

  • The feature that I like about this app is that it rents you the movies as well. And you can always buy the movies too.
  • You can download the movies and watch from anywhere, anytime.
  1. Netflix

free movies download app for android

  • This app happens to be the most subscribed movie watching app. You have some options to go through, and that is what makes this app the best out of all the other apps.
  • You get the app free when you become a part of the Netflix family. That is also a bonus.
  • Netflix provides you with more than thousands of TV episodes and movies on low charges. And the cost is cut monthly. You pay once a month and then enjoy the whole film industry to yourself.
  • New episodes are regularly updated, and you have instant access to those shows or movies.
  • You can rate the movies you loved and the movies that didn’t strike your mind or heart.
  • You get a one-month free subscription in the starting, and that just happens to be ideal for teenage movie lovers.
  1. Amazon Prime Videos

free movies download app for android

  • With this app, you do get access to all the movies and TV shows, but you also get access to the exclusive Amazon movies.
  • You also get regional movies as well as local movies in this app.
  • In this app also you can rent the movies or shows to watch anywhere, anytime.
  1. Hotstar

free movies download app for android

  • In this app, you get Movies, TV shows and as well as Sports. Every Indian loves Cricket, and this app is fantastic at giving updates to the games.
  • It’s a live-streaming app; you can watch movies and shows on the go.
  • You get shows or channels in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Telugu and Bengali language.
  • More focus is on the Regional TV shows or channels like Star Plus, Life OK, Channel V and much more.
  • You can also go back in time and watch the shows like “office-office” “Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai” just to relive those moments again.
  • But to access some of the channels or movies, you might need a premium offer.

Final Verdict

Well, these were some of the apps I love using and some of what I used a long time back. They all happen to be pretty good apps, and I hope these free movies download app for Android article has helped you out. After all, if you want to live, you will have to get filmy.

Also, if some one of you are wondering whether we can watch movies that are restricted to particular Geo location or country then you can view them with some good VPN browsers. While many VPN browsers don’t require any setup, few of them need and here is a guide on how to setup a VPN. So enjoy downloading and watching the movies by downloading any of the apps mentioned above.

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