5 Best Pedometer App for Android to count your daily steps

Smartphones have replaced everything that we used to carry along. They have made our lives much easier with their ability to perform any task. The same goes for pedometers. You need not take any pedometer as a separate gadget anymore. There is some best Pedometer app for Android available on your smartphones.

Let us find out a few best Pedometer app for Android that is fit for your smartphone. The apps make use of the accelerometer sensor on your device to record your steps and the distance covered. We will check out the best Pedometer App for Android and iOS in the following paragraphs.

List of 5 Best Pedometer App for Android

1. Runtastic Pedometer

Runtastic Pedometer happens to be the best option for a pedometer app on your smartphone. It does work just like almost all the apps featured on this list, but our reason for adding it as the first choice is the accuracy that the app offers you.

The app is also available as a free version along with the Pro variant. The free version has limited functionality as it can only be used for session-wise records. It cannot get utilized for full-day sessions. The developer is known for the excellent accuracy. The app can measure the steps taken, the distance covered, calories burnt, and other details.

Some of the salient features of the app include

  • It lets you share your performance and the records on your social media networks. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other networks at the press of a button.
  • You can track the previous activities on the app. It also keeps working whether in your hands, pockets, or hand.
  • It can be set to let you indicate the completion of every 1000 steps.
  • It offers reward points for the tasks completed. The reward points can be used to get exchanged for gift vouchers.

The app is available for both Android and iPhone.  There is also a Pro version available. You can update to the Pro version to unlock the extra features.

2. Noom Walk

The app does not need you to do anything. It will automatically measure your steps all through the day. You have the targets which you need to complete. The app will work 24 x 7 without any interference.

Noom Walk excels with its straightforward and user-friendly interface. The app lets you receive comments and what the app calls “High Fives” as an encouragement. You can add your friends and check their performance on the app and comment on their profile to encourage them.

Some feature that the app offers you are

  • You can share your performance with your social circles. It also supports email logins to share your performances through emails.
  • The app is quite low on battery. It uses battery-saving sensors even when it keeps working all day long.
  • It integrates with the Noom Coach – the weight loss regime by the same developer.
  • Going a step further from being just another pedometer, it lets you get emotional support from your friends in the form of comments.

The Noom Walk is available only on Android.

3. Breeze

Breeze is a pedometer app that is available only on iOS. The app does not drain much battery. This Breeze app developed by Runkeeper, a well-known name in the fitness apps genre.

The app does let you know of your progress every day. The app lets you know of the progress you have been making every day or the week. The breeze makes attempts at being an interactive app. It keeps sending you motivational messages quite frequently so that you are on the task.

The breeze will automatically track your steps. You do not need to set anything on or off to get going. It will track your activities all during the day and record them efficiently.

Some salient features of the Breeze app are as under

  • Encouraging messages throughout the day if you appear to go slow on your goals.
  • The goals are set intuitively based on your progress each day.
  • You get visual alerts and summaries of the daily achievements.

The app is iOS exclusive.

4. Accupedo

Accupedo works as it promises. The app tries to make your walks entertaining.  Accupedo comes with a music option to accompany you while you walk or run.

There is a health kit that comes with Accupedo.  It will show your progress in the form of charts. It can record your steps, the distance covered and the calories burnt. The app comes with customization options so that you can make it best suited for what you need.

A few great features that the app offers include

  • The app has a home screen widget that shows your daily performance. You do not need to open the app.
  • You can set personal goals and check them against the actual performance.
  • The progress you have achieved can be shared on your Facebook account.
  • The app lets you pause, stop or resume your monitoring of the steps.

Accupedo is available both on Android and iPhone.

5. Moves

Moves can track multiple activities apart from walking alone. The app offers you some visual entertainment. It covers almost all facets of your day. Moves can record as many as 57 activities including walking, cycling, and running.

The app uses accelerometer sensors. It also uses WiFi and Cellular data as well. The application will record your activities throughout the day from a map. The app always stays on, and you may need to take care of the battery.

The salient features of the app include

  • Settings for battery optimization.
  • Support for multiple activities apart from walking.
  • You will be able to see your life in a complete way. That may be something that can ignite new thinking for your life.
  • It creates a storyline of your life by pointing out all your activities

Moves record your life events in a continuous manner. That can be a reason for concern. Some of us may treat it as an infringement of our privacy.

Moves are available both on Android and iOS.


The pedometer apps outlined above should help you in choosing the best one that suits your requirements. The 5 Best Pedometer App for Android featured above have been selected based on the popularity that they enjoy among fitness fans. We would be happy if our readers can share opinions on their favorite pedometer apps. We assume you have at least one of the apps featured above installed on your smartphone. Do share your experiences with the apps outlined in this article.

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