5 Best PC Performance Software Tools for free

Your PC or laptop may stop working as faster as it was new as the time passes. It is not something you need to face. There can be many reasons for this. It could either be hardware related, or software related. If your hardware has gone obsolete and cannot meet the expectations that the software has been demanding from it, you may need to consult a hardware repair centre for the necessary hardware requirements. However, if it is something related to software – we present our top picks for speeding up your PC and improving the performance.

List of 5 best PC performance software tools (Free Edition)

1. IObit Advanced SystemCare

This is one of the best PC performance software tools that you can lay your hands on. The tool is available in two flavours – free and Paid. For most users, the free version should be sufficient.

The software comes with an additional set of tools that can be installed on the need based requirement. However, you can decide not to install the additional tools if you do not want them.

A few salient features that make it a right choice can be

  • The tool comes with an easy to use interface that is quite simple to follow, especially for the novice users.
  • The IObit Advanced System Care can remove unwanted software and files from your computer.
  • You can use it to repair the registry errors and correct the issues that may have crept in the hard drive.
  • The software can fix browser cache and any spyware issues if you have one.
  • It c an also take care of startup programs by stopping the applications that are not needed from auto starting.
  • It can remove cookies, junk files, and other disk errors.
  • It offers an at a glance view of the health of your PC.


  • Easy to use with the easy learning curve.
  • No need for the paid version for a common user
  • All the tasks are automated once you set it up as per your needs.


  • A few tools within will require additional downloads.

2. CCleaner

Piriform CCleaner has always been a hot favourite with most PC and laptop users. It can access and take care of certain areas of your PC that no other utility touches.

CCleaner too has two versions – paid and free. The paid version adds the real-time protection and a schedule for cleaning up.

Some notable features include

  • It removes your temporary files and cache.
  • Takes care of incorrect and unneeded registry entries.
  • You can use it to clear browser cache and cookies.
  • The tool does not come with special features but gets your work done in the easiest manner
  • You can also use it for some advanced features like wiping your drive.


  • No Ads.
  • Easy to use as it involves no complicated procedures.
  • It can remove duplicate files.
  • It can perform multiple tasks easily.


  • You may need to take care to use it judiciously as a wrong move can create huge issues.

3. PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier works on the similar lines as CCleaner. You can use it to remove unwanted files and programs. It is indeed a great tool to eliminate the junk that came with your new PC.

PC Decrapifier is an excellent free PC performance utility that can be used on a new PC to dejunk it. It comes with an intuitive interface.

A set of features that make it an excellent tool are

  • It analyses your system and presents you with a list of applications that may be unnecessary.
  • It sources its information on whether an app is useful or not based on users’ database.
  • It works as a standalone app as it does not install itself on the system.
  • The app has an easy to follow interface.


  • A simple to use app that does exactly what it says.
  • It is indeed one of it’s kind of an app.
  • It works in an intuitive manner.


  • It has been observed to be a little slow.
  • The tool hangs occasionally.

4. AutoRuns

The apps that are set to autorun on your system are sometimes major culprits making your PC get slow and crappy. Finding which apps really need to auto start may not be everyone’s cup of tea. AutoRuns is an app that helps you in that venture.

You can set up some apps that you do not want to auto start not to. However, what about those which you do not know that they are running in the background and you are unaware the need for them? That is where an app like AutoRuns comes to your rescue.

Some features that it boasts include

  • It lets you know the apps that auto start.
  • You can disable the apps you do not want to auto start with every boot.
  • The app comes as a portable zip; you do not need to install it on your system.


  • Single click operation.
  • Gives you a clear idea of your startup programs.


  • The interface does not look much impressive.

5. 3D Chip

Update drivers are what would help you maintain the performance of your PC. Outdated drivers can be an issue as they fail to communicate with your hardware.

Updating your drivers may not be an easy task. You will need to be ready for close inspection and hours together with the PC to be able to complete the process. 3D Chip is a PC Performance software that makes the task easy for you.

A few points that the tool offers are

  • First and foremost, the PC performance software is free to use.
  • It ensures no crappy items get installed on your system.
  • It can even install all the drivers simultaneously.


  • The software performs quick and faster.
  • The app is quite accurate when it comes to suggesting the new and updated drivers.
  • There is a copy to clipboard feature that is unique as it would help you discuss your issues over the forums.


  • The font on the screen can be a problem as it is quite small.
  • The interface is not the best in class. It may confuse the novice users.
  • The default installation may change your system settings.


Those were our top picks for the best PC performance software tools that have a promising performance. Please note that there are thousands of the similar software tools available – the ones we have featured here are our favourite. The obvious choice we had on our mind was choosing an app that would not need you pay more.

A couple of tools here have the Pro version options, but the free variants are just more than enough for your everyday needs. If you have your own favourite PC Performance tools, we would expect you to share your views here. If you have used any of the utilities featured above, we will request you to share your opinions with us.

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