Best Camera for Android : 5 Best Camera Apps to shoot & edit quality pics

Our smartphones have become our primary imaging devices these days. In fact, the camera is one of the most important features you will look forward when buying a smartphone. Even the manufacturers are vying to earn a good deal of consumer base with improved camera modules so as to give the best camera for android to the customers.

However, most of the times the default camera app on your device may not be adequate for your needs. That is where you look for a third party camera app that offers you certain additional features. We will attempt at listing out some great camera apps that can prove to be excellent in terms of low light photography, reliability in certain specific conditions in addition to the stability.

Choose your best camera for android from these 5 Android Camera Apps

#1. Camera Zoom FX

best camera for android - Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX has been in the genre since quite long. It has been receiving constant and regular updates to include newer features. One of the best parts of this app is it offers you manual controls. That could be a great option if you are a professional photographer who wants to experiment with the settings.

Camera Zoom FX comes with RAW support. That would be a sure shot option for getting some beautiful and lifelike images. The app has been considered to be one of the best camera apps when it comes to faster capturing. Theoretically, it can take 50 shots per second. That would make it a perfect choice for shooting sports or live action.

Some of the best features include –

  • A wide range of shooting modes
  • Full manual control
  • Shutter activation through voice commands
  • An excellent collection of effects and filters to enlighten your shots

Get it from Google Play store here

#2.Google Camera

Who will understand the Android features better than Google itself? Google Camera can be one of the good choices on your Android.

Though it is not one of the apps that have high-end features, yet it has been receiving regular updates. This Google Camera app has a simple user interface and thus would be helpful for the novices. There are not many manual controls available.

You have Photosphere and Panorama that work quite remarkable. The Photosphere option lets you have a 360-degree photo of your surroundings. The results of the shots taken with the mode work just impressive.

Google Camera offers you options like auto-HDR, slow motion video ( if supported by your device) and LensBlur modes among others. The app has been reported to crash on some devices, though. It can be a good choice if it works on your smartphone as it provides you with some unique features.

Some best features are –

  • Special modes like PhotoSphere and LensBlur.
  • Straightforward and clean UI.
  • Impressive filters though not many options are available.
  • Google app – do we need to say more?

The app was available on Play Store since 2014 when it was made available for non-Nexus devices. However, recently it has again been limited to Nexus devices running on Android Marshmallow and later versions.

#3. Open Camera

best camera for android - Open Camera

This one should be the prime choice for your needs. It is the fully featured camera app that is completely free. In fact, the app is an open source product.

Open Camera is one of the fastest camera apps that is enough light on your resources. Unlike other third party camera apps that come with in-app purchases for the additional features, Open Camera offers you all the features you would look forward on a camera app for free.

Open Camera comes with auto stabilisation and manual controls. It has voice controls, different camera modes for capturing particular kind of shots. If you are a professional photographer, the app should be equally useful to you.

A few points that would attract you are

  • It is entirely free- with no ads.
  • High-end features and options.
  • Home screen widget that makes taking shots easy quite instantly.

#4. Camera FV-5

best camera for android - Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is one of the camera apps that has been quite popular of late. The USP of the app is the manual controls offered by the app. To be straight forward, the settings on the app compete with the sophisticated features on a DSLR camera.

Camera FV-5 has support for RAW images, lossless PNG and overlays among others. However, finding the remarkable treasure of these settings and filters is quite troublesome. The options get hidden under the menu, and it is quite difficult to access them.

The app also features an Exposure Bracketing. It will let you shoot multiple shots with varied exposures and that too in quick succession. Once you shoot them, you can check the shots and decide which one you would want to keep.

Here are the salient features of the app –

  • Excellent high quality manual controls.
  • Support for RAW
  • Less expensive compared to other similar apps.

Get this app from Google Play Store from this link here

#5.Camera 360 Ultimate

Best Camera for Android : Camera 360

This Camera 360 Ultimate is one of the all inclusive camera apps available on Play Store. It can handle anything that you think of throwing at it.

Camera 360 Ultimate is the perfect combination of a camera app and the photo editor built into a single app. The app has received a few significant updates recently, and that has improved the interface and other features of the app. It will let you add filters to the shot that you are going to shoot even before the shot gets taken. It will be much helpful in choosing the filter that would look better on your photo shot.

The app has a huge number of pre and posts shoot effects of using. However, as far as editing is concerned, the app will not recognise the shots taken previously, or any other camera app. It does offer you over scene modes and  16 filters.

Some of the salient features of the app include –

  • Best user interface
  • Excellent choice of features
  • Editing features included within the app.

Some of the honourable mentions

Apart from the ones featured above, the Play Store has a huge number of apps available. Some of them are

VSCO Cam is one of the user-friendly camera apps with a simple user interface. It offers a good deal of customisation offers. It works as an app for shooting your images and sharing them.

ProShot is yet another quality camera app that has attractive looks. There are manual controls available in addition to the plain fun filled effects.

GO Camera comes with real-time filters and HDR modes. This GoCamera app also has a built-in photo editor. Coming from Go, it is a good option.


We would like to know how many of you have used the camera apps featured above. We do not claim that these apps discussed here are the only best camera for android. We would welcome you to share your opinions on your favourite camera apps. If you feel we have missed any android camera app that is worth of a mention, you are welcome to share the details.

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