5 Best Alarm Apps that can change your Sleeping Lifestyle

Waking up in the morning is one of the toughest tasks every human being has to face. That would probably explain the demand for the alarming number of alarm apps. Search for alarm apps on Play Store, and you will be astonished to see the huge number of alternatives. That is indeed because the stock alarm app, most of the times, does not work to your expectations. We have pinpointed some of the best alarm apps for Android in this article. We just hope to see your search ending with this collection of best alarm apps.

 #1. Alarmy

Best Alarm Apps

When the alarm goes off, you will just turn it off and go to sleep again. Alarmy will not let you do it. It will keep annoying you until you wake up.

The Alarmy app comes with an interesting concept. To use it, you need to specify a particular place at your home. Called the registered spot, that is exactly where you should move after waking up to stop the alarm. Until you do it, it will keep blowing.  It would suggest things like walking to bathroom or such so that you need to get up and move. However, there are other routine tasks as well.

The app may ask you to solve some mathematical problems. There are tasks like shaking your phone to wake up. The ultimate aim of the Alarmy app is to get you to do something practical so that you would be a force to wake up.

Alarmy has a very straightforward and minimalistic interface. Apart from the Photos Mode, that would need you to visit the same area where the photo has been taken. Once the picture and the real scene match, the alarm will stop. There are other modes as well including Barcode Mode and Math Mode.

The app is available free with a Pro version as well.

 #2. I cannot Wake Up

Best Alarm Apps

The app is meant for those who have the problem of getting up even with hundreds of tricks. I cannot Wake Up makes an all out effort to make you leave the bed at any cost.

The app has eight different tasks you would need to complete. Until you complete the task or tasks – you will not be able to snooze the alarm. The works include memory matching, tile puzzle, sequence repeater, word pairing game, shaking your device, barcode scanning and typing a random text. The problems offered to you are hard to crack – especially at that time of the day when you are made to work them out.

The basic idea of the app – as is evident is that once you get coherent enough to solve any of those problems, you will not want to go to sleep again after completing those tasks. Moreover, that should ideally work for even for those who are hard to crack!

I cannot Wake Up features different alarm styles to choose from. Moreover, it has been designed quite beautifully and works efficiently. So, if you have a tough time getting up, this could be your perfect choice.

The app is available both in free and paid versions.

 #3. AlarmMon

Best Alarm Apps

That would make it another great alarm app for your Android. It comes with a good looking theme and user interface. The app has been quite famous in South Korea. However, given the options it provides you, it can be a real contender to the place of best alarm apps for Android.

AlarmMon comes with six styles of alarms. You can choose the one that would meet your needs and fantasy. The app does come with practically all varieties of alarm styles. There is a quieter one as there is a louder one. The app has a style to suit every personality. Just like the apps that have been described above, the app also features various options to get you leave the bed. These tasks include videos, games, and many other alternatives.

The styles also have different celebrities and characters to give a fun touch to the otherwise standard Alarm app. AlarmMonalos has an alarm history so that you can track your wake up habits and take corrective measures. Yo have the option to receive weather updates.

You can get the app for free from Play Store.

 #4. Sleep As Android

Best Alarm Apps

Sleep As Android happens to be one of the most advanced alarm apps out there. If you are the one who wants an all round customization in your alarm app, this could be a perfect choice.

The app is capable of letting you study your sleep patterns. That will make it a good choice if you want to find out your sleeping disorders. It has well-managed integration with Spotify. Google Fit, Android Wear, Google Fit, and other devices.

Sleep As Android can detect your sleep is talking as well. That would make it a good app for taking care of your sleep patterns. However, please do not use it for self-diagnosis.

The interface of the app is quite good looking. The looks are aesthetically great looking. However, it has a high learning curve. The interface is not much easy to understand. That could be one of the downsides for the otherwise great app.

The Sleep As Android app is available for free with in-app purchases.

 #5. Timely

Best Alarm Apps

Timely is a great app. The app is quite beautiful and good looking. The app was bought by Google a few years ago. The alarm features of the app are simple to follow. The app is quite power packed and yet free – that should be one of the best features of this app.

It has a few alarm styles. There are a couple of themes that come with the app. Timely comes with a few challenges to help you wake up just like the other apps in this list. Integration with Google Now is one of the unique features so that you can communicate with the app via Google Now On Tap or Google Voice search.


That would conclude our listing of our top picks of the best alarm apps for Android. Our prime criteria while compiling the list of these best alarm apps was the simplicity, usability, and the additional features. We guess the apps featured in the list will appeal to all our readers. If you think we have missed any good option, you can share the same with us. Do share your opinions with us about the apps featured on this list.

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